I'm an award-winning independent filmmaker and producer with over a decade of experience telling stories that move people. I've produced, directed, shot, and edited documentary work for a wide range of organizations including The Atlantic, Mashable, Quartz, FOX Sports, WNET in New York, KCET in Los Angeles, the Academy Awards, the YWCA, Honda, and Adidas. I'm currently a Multimedia Journalism Master's student and Graduate Teaching Fellow at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication. I've also performed as a live video artist (or VJ) in museums and concert halls nationwide, and I once won a yodeling contest at the X-Games.

I am always looking for opportunities to help tell the stories of people who often go unheard.

Do you have a story that needs to be told? Please contact me at one of the links below to inquire about availability and rates. You can see some samples of my work here:

The Kenton Lead Blob*

When news broke about a new study into Portland's air quality, residents were shocked to learn that their city may not be as environmentally friendly as they assumed.

Concerned by a report of an apparent lead contamination in our own neighborhood, we teamed with the local community to investigate possible causes and implications.

Produced by Zach Putnam, Richard Percy and David MacKay.